I am Raffaele Rinciari and I am a musician.

I approached music almost by fate: at the age of three I was given my first instrument, a guitar from which I would never be separated and kept me company during the years spent with my family in the Milan’s suburbs. I started working at the age of 14 to keep my classical music studies: I gave all the exams at the Milan Conservatory, while, at the same time, I was studying jazz composition. I have always expressed curiosity towards all musical genres, which led me, in addition to attending various rock and jazz groups, to my current job as a composer. To date, hundreds of my music pieces are used in numerous television programs.

My passion is film soundtracks. Numerous experiences have enabled me to interpret and underline every detail of the scene and enhance the story by immediately interpreting the director's vision. I love to understand the scenes in depth and interpret them with different musical themes, to give a memorable imprint to the work that is commissioned to me. I adopt all kinds of compositional writing: from the traditional, where I start from a musical idea on the piano and then get to orchestrate and write the musical scores to conduct, to the use of technology. In fact, I have vast libraries of virtual sounds with sampled themes of the highest level, effects and many other technological tools that allow to give wealth and enhance the work, in order to give life to unique works of current breath.